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Physician's Annual Pledge

Physicians are authorized to display the annual DPSEAM Seal after completing the annual pledge.

I ensure that my clinic, medical facility, or legal affiliate will:

  1. Maintain the appropriate physician - patient relationship. This includes having a medical director or licensed physician on site during all treatments including laser and injection services.
  2. Require qualified physicians examine every patient before the initial treatment or course of treatment.
  3. Analyze patients’ pre existing conditions or contradictions that would render the procedure unsafe or ineffective, create care plans that demonstrate how and why patients will benefit from planned procedures, and maintain an environment where patients feel free to ask questions and secure additional information about expected outcomes.
  4. Disclose and display the level of licensure of all health care staff performing procedures, including certifications provided by the American Board of Medical Specialties and credentialing boards.
  5. Display the name and valid business contact information of the medical director and provide this information in printed form to each patient prior to conducting treatments or procedures.
  6. Provide a timely personal examination by and in consultation with the medical director if any complications or major concerns arise in relation to a performed procedure. 

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